United Arab Emirates launches first electronic coin as Islamic Bitcoin

One Gram: EarnCryptoMoney

Paper currency is considered the only way to buy and sell anything for a long period of time, but after we came out by default Bitcoin currency, known for its encrypted virtual currency Bitcoin, a group of zeros and The units express a certain amount that is not subject to the central bank does not follow the same state limit.

With the century of digital money will speak today of a digital currency of Islamic law standards, this new digital currency bears the name of "One gram" and the Queen issued in the United Arab Emirates.

Islamic virtual currency launched by the company "one gram", a company specializing in financial transactions, and is not only the first Islamic virtual currency.

 It is the first virtual currency is based on gold in the world.   This is the default currency is a safe haven for investors, as the combination of gold and currency is a dream for investors because gold is the only value that maintains its stability amid the vibrations of a currency of paper.

Released from virtual currency?

This currency was launched in collaboration between the company "and g" one gram link specializing in Islamic financial transactions between GoldGuard company a platform to sell gold online, after consultations between Cheikh Khalid Amer, general manager, and Adam Richard, managing director of the company "Volt Markit" and also one of the founders of the centers use Bitcoin in America.

Such as paper currency must start a campaign sales group, it has been put up by $ 12 million and 400,786 thousand grams, and Quinn, which equals $ 554 million US and is the largest Collective sale of virtual currencies.
The campaign will continue for a period of 120 days has been involved in this campaign, more than 1000 people and the number is growing, according to the company's general director "and love" The Middle East is experiencing significant growth In financial technology making this step of virtual currency to attract investors to the Islamic transaction in the Middle East region and the world.

OneGram ; Or ; Bitcoin

Foreign currency transactions are prohibited in the game, and prohibits the use of currency in the financing of loans, as the currency has not faced a rejection by European countries despite the non-proliferation of these Only a few minor operations in the countries of London.
«OneGram Coin» How does it work with gold? All "OneGram Coin" expresses a gram of gold. Is generated for each treaty as "g and Quinn" small commission is used to buy more gold, thus increasing their handling and increases accordingly depending on the amount of gold, and of course the number of employees by investors more and more.

What is the technology used in "OneGram Coin"?

The "Chain Block" technology is the one in which one chain relies on data storage, which does not rely on centralized data storage, making it easy to handle data and transactions.
It is worth noting that enthusiasts and developers are pleased to announce that the official code for Block Qin will be released in an open source format. The API will also be launched for programmers, users, for easy development and effective handling of the currency.
Each Block Qin contains 1 mega of data that can be transmitted in less than a minute making it faster to handle.

At the beginning of this gold will exist in the United Arab Emirates, but since the goal of society "and One gram" long-term non-dependence will be working on a gold center, which is what expands the Decentralization in its reports. Based on the "g and Quinn" currency has brought together all the features you can get from the default paper currency, gold and currency, which are safer and more governments to move away from the dependency of Technology and will be the most reliable to solve economic problems.



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