Could the Bitcoin market value reach $ 10 trillion?

Could the Bitcoin market value reach $ 10 trillion?

Can bitcoin market growth reach $ 10 trillion? Despite the recent financial, bitcoin has emerged as the best performing asset in the past.

For those who say this number is an exaggeration and can in no way be reached, they can be reminded of what Bitcoin was like when it started its journey at a price of $ 0.001 to now be valued at about $ 7000.

Not many assets can boast of offering such stratospheric returns to their investors.

Crypto skeptics may argue that such ridiculous returns are not eternal and that Bitcoin will become stagnant soon, however, there are many reasons pointing to a higher rise in the Bitcoin price, and this is exactly what the former Goldman Sachs CEO, Raoul Pal, believes that Will happen.

Bal believes that the bitcoin price can jump 5,000 percent higher than current levels.

How bitcoin market growth can swell to $ 10 trillion:

Raul Pal expects the Bitcoin market to grow by $ 10 trillion based on factual information, and is one of the few enduring Bitcoin bulls on Wall Street and has made similar statements repeatedly.

The April edition of "Global Macro Investor" contains a research note from "Raul Pall", as he looks more optimistic than ever about Bitcoin.

The note notes how Bitcoin has outperformed all other assets in the past and is set to hit new highs in the next two years.

He did not specify the exact future price of the cryptocurrency but mentioned a range between 100,000 to $ 1 million. This price range later puts the growth of the Bitcoin market anywhere between $ 2 trillion and $ 20 trillion.

He adds that price charts are preparing for a massive breakout and Bitcoin is ready to touch the $ 100,000 mark in the next two years.

He also adds that even the price of $ 1 million cannot be ruled out either.

Bitcoin has a lot to do with this:

Pal has its reasons to support such terrible claims in the eyes of some, as it is believed that the traditional monetary system has failed the average citizen, and that current financial architecture is inefficient.

On the other hand, Bitcoin is a reliable, secure, transparent and decentralized system with a numerical value store.

Interestingly, Paypal previously anticipated that Bitcoin would touch $ 20,000 in the next 12 to 18 months.

Now, he noted and mentioned his estimates which are much higher due to the unpredictable global macroeconomic situation.

Other assets are overrated in his eyes and will soon be corrected to more realistic levels.

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