The truth about Exness

Dear visitor, we offer you the full truth of Exness, Exness was founded in 2008 by a group of professionals and experts in the field of trading, and the company has been licensed by CySec in Cyprus.

The knowledge of the Exness company is a great success in the field of trading and the world of financial intermediation, and in the year 2014 the monthly trading limit for the company's clients exceeded $ 180 billion, as the number of accounts opened monthly by traders all over the world increased to exceed 15,000 accounts, and currently, the company provides access Trading on more than 120 financial instruments, the company has come a long way from that time and today is considered one of the pioneering brokers in the world of Forex ECN. EXNESS Group is proud of the honesty and transparency.

Platform types and accounts at Exness

Exness provides MetaTrader based trading platforms as its clients can choose MT4 or MT5 which are the traders the company uses in trading currency pairs and futures contracts and also provides professional traders who have multiple accounts to manage it choose the MetaTrader4 Multiterminal platform. In addition, it also provides an option to use mobile phone devices to trade with MetaTrader platforms such as Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices. It also recently launched its new version, WebTrader, which enables traders to interact directly through the browser without resorting to installing special software on their devices.

Exness provides four different types of trading accounts:

Cent Account: This type of account is good for beginners in the Forex field as there is no minimum deposit and the spread rate is at 0.3, unlike other types of accounts that have a spread rate at 0.1 and there is no minimum limit for positions that can be opened or any commissions on Trading volumes.


ECN account: This type of account is good for professional traders who want to trade in a situation where there is no conflict of interest between them and their broker and the minimum deposit is 300 dollars, but it must be noted that the company imposes a commission of 25 dollars on every million US dollars From ECN account trades.

Classic Account: It is the most suitable account for professional traders, as they will benefit from a full set of tools and commercial facilities. Opening this account requires a minimum deposit of 2000 USD. The company also provides test accounts for new traders.

Exness evaluation and features

One of the most important features in Exness is that it does not take a commission from transactions since the establishment of the company from the beginning of the year 2008 and that the company's website is easy to browse and translator for several languages ​​and up to 23 languages, including English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Persian, Indonesian, Malaysian ... etc.

Exness clients can obtain leverage of up to 1: 2000 which gives them great flexibility in trading as it gives a significant reduction in margin requirements, and the company provides through the site various currency exchange services as well as the lists of spread and economic agenda and fast news services.

Educational Forex Videos by Exness

The education section of the Exness company site is not as strong as it is available in other sites, there is a clear shortage of educational videos and seminars that explain the system and the market for new and old customers, but there is a special section called the library and it has many documents that explain Forex and includes an important section called Frequently Asked Questions which contains many One of the questions that helps clients to benefit from previous experiences.

Support providers are available in more than 13 languages, 24-hour customer service
Exness strives to implement international standards from the speed of completion of deposits/withdrawals and the professionalism of the technical support services that its customers obtain to providing a variety of payment systems available and the translated versions of its website. Exness customer service is one of the strongest support services in the Forex field, as live and direct communication with support providers is available in more than 13 languages ​​24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is not available in many other companies, and it is also possible to communicate with the company through Email There is a call back request feature through which the customer leaves his data and phone numbers and the appropriate time to contact him and the company through its customer service team re-calls the customer.

Bonuses and promotions

There are a group of competitions that the company conducts among customers, including major and Ramadan experimental forex competitions, etc. in which competitors can win bonus or cash and other prizes that in some competitions may reach 3000 USD. The company also has a bonus program, which sets registration periods for clients. Upon registration during that period, a trader can earn a bonus with a certain amount. Currently, there is an activated bonus of $ 16 for customers who register from July 10 to August 13, 2017.

Is Exness quorum?

One of the most important factors that make Exness what it considers its quorum are the issues related to the processes of withdrawing profits or withdrawing money and closing the account.

Here is the question is Exness company is a quorum company? What are the methods that you use with withdrawals?

After we worked with the company, it became clear to us that Exness is not a quorum company, it provides very easy methods for depositing operations other than the traditional method through bank transfers, as customers can use transfers through various financial sites such as Skrill, Neteller, and digital currencies, and these are among the most important advantages With the company, as for withdrawals, the company allows customers to make instant withdrawals of funds through various methods of online payment systems without any commission.

In conclusion, thanks to its deep awareness of the needs of traders and its endeavor to provide the best trading experience in the Forex market, and making it available to our clients from all over the world realizing their professional potential and achieving success, Exness has proven its position among the pioneers in the world of financial intermediation, and it is worth noting also that what enhances this position is It responded to customer complaints and needs. This is clearly evident from some of the comments the company received on some Forex broker review blogs. The support staff is responsible for reading the responses and addressing the complainant's concerns. Exness believes that every trader is more valuable than an anonymous account number on a computer screen, as some companies calculate.

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