A ballet starring a Russian dancer will be offered a NFTs.

A ballet starring a Russian dancer will be offered a NFTs.NFTs;Natalia Osipova

Bonhams sold a non-fungible token for ballet starring Russian dancer Natalia Osipova.

The NFTs features three video performances by Osipova principal dancer at London's Royal Ballet. Two are from the classic Giselle while the third is from Left behind a contemporary dance she has performed with her partner Jason Kittelberger.

The works by Osipova and her partner had been set up with the money from the sale of the statues and boxes. The head of digital art, Nima Sagharchi, said during a preview of the works.

Performers have had no way to sell ownership in their performances till now, he said. Performing artists can now sell NFTs that will give them a stake in their performance.

They want to create a platform that would give more grassroots performers access to NFT technology. Sagharchi added.

The market for NFTs — niche crypto assets that are blockchain records of ownership of a digital item such as an image or a video — has been surging. Skeptics have warned of a bubble, however, and some experts attribute the sudden rise to fraudulent projects and over-hyped prices.

A successful buyer will have full rights over the work.

A collection of works by Natalia Osipova will be offered at Bonhams & Co.'s Encore! Modern Art on Stage auction. It will be available for purchase at the Bonhams & Co. Auction, which begins Monday, December 10th, until December 15th. The sale will take place at Bonhams & Co. in New York City.

The entrance of Act II and Giselle Solo of Act II both shot this month are fetching between $10635 and $15953 each. Video of the 2019 live performance in Mexico of Left behind has a price estimate of $30000 - $50000.

NFTs are being offered alongside paintings prints manuscripts and costume designs. NFTs are being offered alongside other items for theatre ballet dance music and circus.

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