Cryptocurrency drops to zero and suddenly rises 6000%

The cryptocurrency of the Ethereum killer network is up more than 2,000,000%. Meta Coin tumbled, dropping to nearly zero after those highs. Today, Meta Ethereum is seeing solid gains.

Meta Ethereum; Ethereum

It is worth noting that the cryptocurrency market, and specifically those new currencies, is also taking off at full speed and declining at full speed as well, as it is a highly volatile and high-risk market.

You have to be very careful when dealing with cryptocurrencies that can make you rich overnight, and may take your money in moments.

From zero to the top

Ethereum Meta is one of the cryptocurrencies that caught my eye this month.

However, Ethereum Meta suffered a sudden drop after falling to .00000002559 during trading on Tuesday, leaving all of its gains in vain.

Meta Ethereum surged from a low of 1 cent to a high of 4 cents during Wednesday's trading.

Ethereum meta

Ethereum Meta is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform, the current supply of Ethereum Meta is 99 million and the circulating supply is 50 billion.

Market now

Bitcoin is trading at those times, down less than one percent to levels of $56,000, with a market value of $1.06 trillion.

While Ethereum rose less than 1% to levels of $ 4.2 thousand, with a market value of $ 501 billion.


And in recent days, with the spread of memes based on coins, such as Dogecoin and the like, which have received support from business and money such as Elon Musk.
However, some of these coins involve blatant fraud and a major hoax that may ruin the fortunes of those who are looking for a foothold in the dreamland where they catch a coin from its inception.

Bitcoin is struggling, while small altcoins are booming. Know which ones are going up and which are going down.

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