Top 10 Best Crypto Wallet Android


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Cryptocurrency has risen in popularity over the last couple of years. People have made a lot of money off of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. New crypto is minted every day and some of them are scams, but some have real promise. Of course, the rise in popularity of crypto technology means there are a lot of new coins to choose from. Cryptocurrency wallets are available to use. Some are good and some do a job well. Here is a list of the best cryptocurrency wallets for Android.

The best cryptocurrency wallets for Android

  1. Bitcoin Wallet

  2. Coinbase

  3. Coinomi Wallet

  4. Eclair Wallet Mobile

  5. Electrum Wallet

  6. Exodus

  7. Gemini

  8. mycelium wallet 

  9. Trust Wallet

  10. MetaMask

Bitcoin Wallet

Price: Free / Varies

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Bitcoin Wallet is a fairly basic but functional crypto wallet. The app lets you purchase, sell, and store bitcoin and bitcoin cash. You can also send and receive the currency at your leisure. Some other features include trading between currencies a live market data widget for the home screen customizable network settings The fees can be a bit annoying, but they are worth it.


Price: Free / Varies

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Coinbase is an exchange that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency. You can also store cryptocurrency on Coinbase, as well as transfer it between Coinbase accounts. The app works like a brokerage, but for cryptocurrencies. It lets you keep track of the prices of numerous currencies, even if you can’t buy all of them from Coinbase.It does allow you to buy plenty though. Coinbase has many different types of cryptocurrencies, like Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. When buying a cryptocurrency on Coinbase, the verification process can take a long time. That’s probably our biggest complaint about this company.

Coinomi Wallet

Price: Free

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Coinami Wallet is a functional crypto wallet with lots of features. It supports every ERC20/223/723 Omnilayer NEM BEP2 and TRC10-based coin. It's good for storing several different kinds of coins. The app also has a clean UI above-average security. The multi-token wallet supports a DApp browser and more. There is very little wrong with this one. We consider it one of the best in the business for crypto-wallets.

Eclair Wallet Mobile 

Price: Free

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Eclair Mobile is a wallet that works with bitcoin and the Lightning Network. The app has a simple good-looking interface and the ability to select channels you want to use. It supports only Bitcoin, but it’s a great app for people who are really into Bitcoin. We hope the developers add support for other cryptocurrencies in the future. Cryptocurrency has issues, but for many non-techy people, it works relatively well. It does have some minor cosmetic bugs (such as the need to use a specific browser or a specific operating system) but it works well for most people.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallets

Price: Free

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Electrum is one of those apps that work well, but only if you need what this app offers specifically.It has some good security features like local encrypted security keys that never leave your phone.The app also loads quickly and has redundant servers so that downtime is virtually zero. zero.It also supports cold storage if you need that.The app has some translation issues if you speak something other than English and the UI could use a little work but it is otherwise good.


Price: Free / Varies

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You can also use Exodus, which is another book of the Bible.It is one of the more popular crypto wallets, and it supports many coins.You can trade between them and send and receive crypto from the app.That covers most of the basics for crypto wallets.The app also protects your private keys.The app can be a bit slow on busy days, but it is otherwise fantastic.


Price: Free / Varies

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Gemini is both a wallet and an exchange.You can buy, sell, and store various coins including Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and others.It requires two-factor authentication on every account for added security and allows you to do things like set price alerts so you know when to buy or sell.Finally it lets you check the current price of Bitcoin.Wear OS has a one of the few apps that do this in an app.A native Wear OS app can do this.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Price: Free

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Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet is a stable wallet with some useful features.The app supports multiple coins. It also supports ETH and several other coins.The app also has good security, with 100% control over your private keys and fast connection to nodes.The UI is easy to use and looks nice too.It is not much to look at, but it is easy enough for you to use once you get used to it.This wallet also supports Ledger and Trezor should you want to take that extra step.

Trust Wallet

Price: Free

Trust Wallet

Trust is one of the most popular online crypto wallets.It supports ETH and BTC along with ERC20 BEP20 tokens.You can also add currencies it doesn’t support, as long as you have the proper links.Finally you can buy crypto from this app although it doesn’t support all currencies.If the store runs out of items, it may be a busy day.Some other features include a DApps (distributed apps) browser for accessing crypto apps and more.


Price: Free

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Metamask is a free and open-source Ethereum wallet. It’s currently in beta, so it’s best to do your own research before using Metamask for anything important. The platform lets users run Ethereum dApps right in their browser without running any software locally or downloading the blockchain. You can also use Metamask to send ETH and tokens to other people. In order to set up Metamask, you need an Ethereum Wallet that supports ERC20 tokens (such as MyEtherWallet) since this is where you will be storing all of your funds after setting up Metamask.

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