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I have recently discovered Crypto Pop, which is a fun and addictive game that could pay out in two cryptocurrencies: Ethereum (ETH) and Popcorn.

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The game is very similar to Candy Crush, but the developers do not share their revenue with players.

As you play Crypto Pop, you will earn points that you can later convert to Ethereum via Coinbase.

Another option is to redeem your points for Popcoin, a cryptocurrency on Saturn Network.

The app has been installed by over 500,000 users and it received a 4. There is a 5-star rating on Google Play.

It seems like a great game, but is it actually a good investment?

CryptoPop is a scam.CryptoPop is not safe to use.

I have written this full review to explain how this game works and give you my honest opinion.

What is Crypto Pop?

Crypto Pop is a free game launched by Vweeter, a company based in Hong Kong.

The game is similar to candy crush, but it is also very addictive because you can earn points that are converted into cryptocurrency. Crypto Pop is also a puzzle game by Bling.

Cryptocurrency is a very volatile asset. It can grow or fall in value just like stocks.

Before I explain exactly how Crypto Pop works, let me answer a very important question:


Is Crypto Pop a Scam?

I admit that I was very skeptical about Crypto Pop.

I learned that most reward apps do everything they can to avoid paying.

They can be tricky to use at first, but they are a treasure once you understand how to use them.

Many apps on Google Play do not pay at all!

After playing Crypto Pop for a little while and hitting the “Claim” button, I immediately received a payment to my Coinbase account.

Crypto Pop has been good so far and the number of positive reviews on Google Play can only confirm that.

There are many reports of people who have received the payment without any problems!

So the answer is that Crypto Pop is not a scam!

Pros and Cons


  • Earn while you have fun.
  • No minimum cashout.
  • You can be paid instantly via Coinbase!


  • A very low rate of pay – You will earn fractions of a cent per hour.
  • You can only cash out once every two days.
  • There are lots of ads but that is the only way the company can earn money to share with players.
  • There are fees for exchanging Ethereum for fiat currency.


How does Crypto Pop work?

Crypto Pop is available for free on Android devices.

After you install Ethereum, select the Wallet option and provide your Coinbase account to receive Ethereum.

You can create a Coinbase account very easily.Visit the website www.coinbase.Com Go to www.cmom.com and follow the instructions. Verify your identity and phone number.

You can make a wallet on Saturn Network and trade Popcoin from there. Or you can create a wallet on Saturn Network and trade Popcoin from that.

I use Coinbase to buy and sell digital currency.


How to Earn ETH

The main goal is to put the largest number of identical coins on one side of the puzzle.

Tap the coins twice and they will break.

You can match 2 or more coins with the same number, but the more sets you make, the higher your score.

There are a variety of ways to resolve conflicts:

2 coins = 20 points

3 coins = 45 points

4 coins = 80 points

In the game points are called coins.

You will earn Gwei (a small unit of Etherium) for each block mined, and this number is represented by a coin.

1000 Gwei = 0.000001 ETH.

You will earn bonuses when you blast many coins at once.

TIP: When you make a selection, destroy only one coin. You will earn as much money as possible by working all the hours you can, right?

Crypto Pop is running ads while you play the game, which is how they can afford to pay their users.


How Much Money Can You Make?

I played Crypto Pop for 10 minutes and earned 0.00000442 ETH (4420 Gwei).

Considering 1 ETH is currently being traded at $143.10 is the same as zero.0006 USD.

Currently, I would have to play Crypto Pop for 27 hours before I earned one cent.

Not only does Coinbase charge a fee to exchange ETH for USD, but the fees will be charged in your bank account.


How Do You Get Your Money?

Crypto Pop is a fast service! The best thing about Crypto Pop is the speedy payment.

When you earn tokens in the app, you will get rewards in Ethereum or through Coinpop.com.

I highly recommend receiving cryptocurrency directly to your Coinbase account.

You can only cash out once every 48 hours.This is the downside of this game.


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Crypto Pop App Review

Crypto Pop is a fun and addictive game for people who enjoy playing this type of puzzle.

Yes.It does pay out quickly!

The main problem with mining is that you will earn a micro amount of ETH, which is worth fractions of a cent.

The big number that you see represented by Gwei can appear to give the impression that you are making fast progress.

When you convert Ethereum to U.S.dollars, you will realize how little money you have made.

At the current rate of pay, you should not expect to earn more than $1 worth of Ethereum within one year.

If you want to play Crypto Pop just for fun then don’t do it because it is a nice game.

But if you are playing to earn Ethereum don't waste your time!

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