How to create your own site FAUCET?

creat own Faucet

In this post I will put to you a comprehensive explanation of how to create your own Faucet site. And place the ads and profit from them. A comprehensive explanation will be hosting any of the faucet until it becomes ready for publication.

What do you gain from the establishment of site Faucet:

I asked this question first, because anyone of us will have the initiative was the first thing his mind. The answer is simple: the sites Faucet Once involve a large turnout for your Faucet your forum or two, you'll find a large number of visitors on your site setting up what you'll earn you is that you will continue to return for a small amount to get his weakness or more of the publishing ads on your Faucet .. .

What supplies that we need to create a site Faucet:

Faucet to create a site you will need to host and domain. As well as the need to script Faucet you can download it from the following link. And this is an example of Faucet Online.

If you can not you can buy hosting Hosting for a year for free from here. This hosting is that I will apply the explanation.

The first step: to create a database and the amendment to the config file.

Create data from the panel of your hosting control base

Clicking on the

creat faucet; earninbtc

After creating the rule to go Scripts Faucet "download link"
We disassemble the pressure on the file you Download it.

Creat faucet

We are to enter a this file

And look for the file name Config.php


We opened on the text editor and we amendment as image

Creat own site

And save the file, and then pressing the preparation of the second step Profile

The second step: lifting the script file and install it on the domain.

After the ZIP file compression format then lifting the hosting

Clicking on the

file manager

After that, call on the following link

http: // xxx / faucet

Xxx then change your domaine name and Faucet file that you raise the script to him

And display my password admin ,save it,  and then to enter the control panel Admin add the ? P = admin after your domine.
Read as follows: http: // xxx / faucet /? P = admin

The third one step: the establishment of Faucet API and CAPTCHA KEY.

This step is the most important runs of your Faucet

And to get Faucet API you need to register on the site FaucetBox

And then to enter a then your account from the following link
Then click on

Then enter the name of your Faucet and click Add Faucet

And shows you the code copy it and went to the admin panel of your faucet

And perform the following settings

On the last click Save changes

Finished Faucet API

Now go to the CAPTCHA Key

From the same control panel

Then go to the option captcha

You'll find that the script provides you with four services Captcha select which suits you

The last step: Add the balance of the Faucet

Then go to the site FaucetBox
And log on to your account
Then select the Balance

And you will see many bags choose a bag that fit the currency you've chosen for your Faucet and convert the balance to it, taking into account auricular limit for each currency.
And after a period of not Tawila balance will be added to your faucet and appear on the main page of your faucet.

How do I add ads to profit from the private Faucet me:

 Panel of your Faucet Control Select the Template then you will find boxes that you want to select and copy the code your own ads as well as you can of this option is that the amendment in the form of the Faucet.

How can I deploy the My Faucet:

 You can publish your faucet in private locations for the deployment and Faucet'll find on the following link: Faucet Directory


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