Musicoin project revolutionized the world of music industry

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Launched in the last few days that can be called without exaggeration a revolution in the world of music, the project is hidden behind a team of three members, including Isaac Mao developer currency.

                  Musicoin project aims to cancel the powerhouse in the world of music, which mainly controlled by three major companies that Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Warner Music Group, and most of the world's musicians and artists related directly or indirectly Bhatth three companies. How to First, we must know that the world of music is divided into two categories An artist who has a contract with a small or large production company and that is linked directly or indirectly to one of the three large companies that we spoke of earlier, in spite of the multiplicity of the names of the companies, but it is hierarchically Linked to the centralized.

        independent artists who has financed his own productions, including expenses spending his own money or his supporters.
Each pros of the class and independent artist independent versus absolute creativity has at the same time not having contracts that would keep his intellectual property from theft or exploitation. As for the artist who has contracts with production companies, it is reassuring to distribute his works which are largely hand, but at the same time, be slave to these circumstances, the company that has signed contracts With them creativity often limits monopolies.

Project idea musicoinn has developed a team to integrate the advantages and the revolution of varieties in the world that combines the financing and the signature of a world of decades of intelligent music.
The project will contribute to the reconstruction of the music industry in a way that allows Antah artists and distribute their creations directly without need to a broker (production companies) and in return, receive direct payments from the listeners in musicoin Currency and also sign contracts on smart Hkph Alblukchein own musicoin project.

Said Dan Phiferr, one of the founders, "said the project as an ambitious launch musicroom network is the first complete building block system will contribute to the reconstruction of the music industry, and as an organization will be Many innovations such as tools facilitate the dissemination of works of art on the Alblukchein network and applications support to help listeners discover the types of new musical encounter their desires ... .lahdod to what can be applied by this project That our imagination can be drawn. "(Dan Says Phifer).

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