Bitcoin and digital parts are down widel

The price of the digital currency, along with other major currencies, was weak on Sunday as a recent trend of negative stocks continued to affect investor sentiment. Bitcoin traded at $ 8,568 on the Betfinx stock market, down about 7% on the day and close to a five-week low of $ 8,351 on Friday.

Prices were under pressure on Wednesday after reports revealed Hong Kong-based Bin's digital exchange office was having trouble executing orders. In a statement released on Thursday, Pennans said he stopped withdrawing after experiencing what he described as "phishing attempt to steal a large scale" and said he did not steal from it. money. On Wednesday, the US Securities and Exchange Commission issued an investor alert on the risks associated with the use of digital currency trading. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has stated that stock exchanges offering "digital assets that are securities" should be registered with the agency. "Investors should not assume that the trading protocols meet the standards of the National Securities Exchange listed on the Securities and Exchange Commission," the agency said. Developments have highlighted concerns about the risks that users of digital currency exchanges as a result of the penetration of the Japanese stock market Koancik in the month of January where he stole about $ 530 million of digital codes. FSA issued notice of the Japanese sentence to many of the currency currency trading on Thursday and suspended its activities in both stock exchanges for a month, amid a crackdown on regulatory control after the break. The other major currencies were also traded down, with Etherium, the second largest currency in the world by market value, losing 5.8% to trade at $ 682. The third largest digital currency fell 5.6% to $ 0.76.



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