Bitcoin May 13, 2020 - From poor to millionaire before the next Halving?

Bitcoin May 13, 2020 - From poor to millionaire before the next Halving?

The 3rd halving is over but, we hope that Bitcoin (BTC) will not wait for the 4th in 4 years to finally join the 5-digit club on a lasting basis. Bitcoin has re-crossed the $ 9,000 mark today, May 13, 2020. A day in the green with a $ 9,121 Bitcoin at the time of writing.

No capitulation insight

The Whales still moved today, already a second post-halving whale movement with a transaction of 37,535 BTC.

Max Keizer tweeted to give financial advice, not for BTC Whales but, for insecure people who have benefited from financial assistance from their government: they should buy for $ 1 of BTC per day, this could change the situation. state of their finance, when Bitcoin explodes.

While the block reward has now dropped to 6.25 BTC, the network hash rate has reached a new ATH of 121,087 TH / s; in other words, the miners have not yet shown any signs of abandonment for the moment, depositing the pickaxes is not for now.

Bitcoin strong enough

The fall on the eve of the halving, may have had a positive effect on Bitcoin: the daily RSI (14) of the latter dropped just below 60, while it exceeded 70 with an overbought Bitcoin before this fall.

Bitcoin would therefore be gathering its forces to reach 10,000 USD; sustainable consolidation above this level is possible because the preparation for the attack is now done at a level relatively "close" to 5 digits.

The capitulation of the miners is not for now, the halving will not make them scurry around like rabbits, contrary to what most pessimists predicted. Whales are moving, we do not know if we should applaud the marginal transaction costs - a feat of blockchain - or fear these movements. Bitcoin could make even more millionaires among the poor, provided they follow Max Keizer's advice. Especially since in this post halving period, things could go faster and give birth to new BTC people in record time.

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