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ETH.Limited Airdrop
Hello, Welcome To Eth.Limited Airdrop Campaign.
Click Airdrop Task And Complete All Task.
Thanks To Join With Us .

Airdrop Tasks • (10$ each task = $50 worth in ELD tokens)

  •  Join Official Telegram Group
  • Join Official Telegram Channel
  •  Follow Us On Twitter
  •  Follow And Like Official Facebook
  •  Subscribe Official Youtube Channel

• Give them your information in the google form •

  •  Submit your Email address
  •  Submit Your Telegram Username
  •  Submit Facebook profile link
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  •  Submit your ERC-20 ETH address

• Earnings •
  •  You can referral a maximum of 50 people ( 2$ each person use your ref code ).
  •  You can earn 50$ if you do all tasks.(10$ each task).
  •  Maximum Earnings: You can earn 150$ worth in ELD tokens.
  •  We will pay money for you by ELD token when we list on the exchange (Number of tokens = Your earn money/ Price at the time of listing).

ETH.Limited Airdrop


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