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Licensed and secured Forex Company

A guaranteed forex company is a forex company licensed and trusted by global and local regulatory bodies that act as a financial intermediary between the investor and the forex market in exchange for a percentage of profits, but before we touch on the topic of the article we first learn about forex what it is and what its importance and the volume of dealing through it daily.

What is Forex?

Forex is an online trading market and is considered one of the largest trading markets in the world and it is the most profitable field in the world due to the huge amount of transactions that take place daily, which may reach 30 trillion dollars per day, it is known that there are thousands of dollars that pass daily and thousands of products that are bought and sold By millions of investors in the world.

Another definition of Forex

It is the largest market for trading on currencies, metals, oil and hundreds of global products, so a trader can buy currency from this offered on the Forex in another currency and when the price of the currency that you bought previously increases, you can sell to take advantage of the price difference, which is a quick high profit that attracts a lot of investors, but it involves Also a high degree of risk due to the fluctuations and fluctuations in the market.

Forex market in the Arab world

Studies by many Arab researchers and analysts on the forex market in the Arab world and the extent of attraction of traders and investors to the forex market indicate increased growth, especially after large international forex companies entered the Arab market. Studies have shown that there are about seventy thousand Jordanians and more who trade in foreign currencies.

 Definition of a guaranteed Forex company

To get acquainted with the best-licensed forex companies, which are called the best trading companies, especially for Arab traders, as they are reliable and safe in trading companies and offer moderate and acceptable spreads, which is a licensed and global forex company with a position in the money market and currency trading.

Forex guaranteed globally

There are many secured Forex companies and we will mention some of these companies with an offer of their advantages and reasons for being guaranteed and reliable, including: -

First: NSFX

It is one of the best trading companies in the world that was founded in 2011, and is headquartered in Malta.

Its advantages:

  • Determining the means of withdrawing and depositing due to their compliance with the laws of the European Union, including electronic banks such as Skrill Bank or Neteller Bank and cards of all kinds Visa or Master Card Also provide bank transfers and accounts in the name of the company nsfx.
  • The company accepts bank transfer, a company specializing in STP / ECN bank liquidity accounts.
  • The company has (8) international licenses from well-known and documented regulatory bodies, the most important of which is the British FCA license.
  • The company insulates all client funds deposited with it 100% from the company's funds.
  • The company provides an integrated academy that includes Forex lessons, books and lectures from start to professional level and free of charge.
  • Provides daily market analysis, recommendations and news with the largest experts for free.
  • The price differentials between supply and demand are narrow, stable and competitive.
  • The company provides three types of trading accounts to suit all traders, their desires and capabilities.
  • The company has professional and multi-media technical support, some of which is done through the direct chat, and what is done through e-mail, and what is done by phone, as it is available in several languages, including the Arabic language.

Second: EXNESS

It is one of the strongest companies operating in the Forex market for 10 years in a row.

Its advantages:

  • Multiple methods of withdrawing and depositing in the company, and they are done without commission.
  • Immediate execution of withdrawal and deposit requests.
  • The company has very strong international licenses including the British one.
  • The company is subject to international regulatory bodies.
  • It has excellent technical support available every day of the day, every day of the week, as it is multi-media and multi-lingual, which mainly includes the Arabic language.
  • The company has four accounts are [Cent account - Mini account - Classic account - ECN account].
  • Your account is automatically Islamic if you are registered from an Arab or Islamic country except for the ECN account.
  • The company has multiple bonus programs.

Third: FBS

It is one of the international companies with high credibility and more attractive to Arab traders as well as workers in the field of trading from the entire Middle East.

Its advantages:

  • The number of traders in the company exceeded 9 million.
  • The company has twelve withdrawals and sixteen means of deposit.
  • The company carries out withdrawals and deposits very quickly, ranging from a minute to 48 hours, depending on the method of withdrawal or deposit.
  • The company has important international licenses which give it great credibility
  • The company is subject to the supervision of international regulatory bodies.
  • It has a strong technical support system that deals in more than eight languages, including Arabic, and the support continues throughout the day throughout the week.
  • The company has 6 types of accounts which are [Standard Account - Cent Account - Micro Account - Zero Spread Account - Unlimited Account - ECN Account], in addition to the Islamic account.
  • The company offers several bonus programs, the most famous of which is the $ 100 bonus without deposit.

Fourth: Icmarkets Company

It is one of the best Forex companies that have worked in the stock market for more than 10 years in a row.

Its advantages:
  • The company holds the Australian license ASIC and is one of the strongest licenses in the world.
  • It is subject to the supervision of international regulatory bodies that make it reliable and highly credible.
  • The company has only two types of accounts and both are ECN accounts.
  • The company has liquidity directly with the banks.
  • It provides many methods of withdrawals and deposits that suit traders all over the world to suit their capabilities and expertise.
  • Profit withdrawal is made within 24 hours of the withdrawal request.
  • It has a good reputation through the opinions of traders presenting their experience with the company.

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