Polygon price analysis is bullish today.

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MATIC/USD saw another selloff overnight.

MATIC/USD is currently trading at $1.63

The triangle price pattern is bearish today, as we anticipate recovery after another drop. Since the support level of $1.55 was recognized again, MATIC/USD should recover some of its losses during the next 24 hours.

The Awesome Oscillator shows red bars today as MATIC/USD continues its drop. Since the triangle price pattern is bearish today, we should see MATIC/USD recover some of its losses in the next 24 hours. Losing another 0.2 dollars against USD overnight left a negative impact on sentiment towards this pair. cryptocurrency.

The Awesome Oscillator is indicating a red bar today. Bears are in the lead, suggesting MATIC/USD could fall to $1.5 or lower before rising again. Another drop may be possible, but a corrective rally could be required before reaching higher prices. The price of Matricoin would rise again, allowing the value of Matricoin against other currencies on electronic trading exchanges worldwide to increase.

A breakout of the triangle pattern would be expected once the $1.55 support is broken. A move above the $1.7 resistance level would then challenge for further gains towards the $2 ceiling.

MATIC looks to retrace from $1.55

The Polygon price action rejected further downside, confirming the $1.55 resistance level as a price ceiling.

Polygon price analysis;Tradingview

The price of a triangle has been climbing and I am predicting it will go higher, so we need to know if we should buy it. After Support was established at $1.45 USD, the triangle began to establish higher lows and reached a high of $1.70 USD on the 25th of November.

The MACD indicator is blue today, indicating that the overall momentum is bearish. This may be because the market is still awaiting news on MATIC/USD’s plans before implementing any major changes in price action against USD and other currencies.

The Bollinger bands are wide apart today, suggesting that volatility is low. Traders seem to be sitting back and not reacting to any changes in price support. However, if Polygon manages to push through $1.55 this morning (GMT) we should see significant upwards progress towards the next resistance level at $1.65. One dollar and seven cents.

Polygon Price Analysis: Conclusion 

 The price of a triangle has been steadily rising since May. The bulls have consistently pushed the price higher, and traders are still bullish on this pair despite its fall from $1.60 to $1.55 overnight. The price fell again to $1.55, but the bears were unable to push it past that level. It is currently trading at $1.56, just above the 50-day moving average line. If the price continues to drop, it will likely reach or Triangles are a popular investment strategy because they are indicative of future price moves. They have demonstrated the ability to move in tandem with prior highs and lows over time.

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